Chapin's Superstars Charge Ahead

After weeks of after-school and weekend preparation, practice, and competition, Chapin School Princeton's academic teams are having great success in their competitions against other schools across the state and nation. This extension of Chapin's rigorous academic focus outside of the classrooms and into the real world helps students prepare in different, but equally important, ways for whatever the future might hold. 

Quiz Bowl

Chapin’s Quiz Bowl teams, including Chapin's nationally-ranked A Team, competed against several teams ranked in the top 100 in the country. Both teams did very well, never giving up and charging ahead. Our teams have at least three competitions in the next month and our A Team has already qualified for nationals. 

Science Olympiad

On February 5th, Chapin's Science Olympiad team competed against 49 teams in the High Desert Invitational.  They had great results.

5th Place Botany (Gavin and Adham)

6th place Food Science (Varun and Bryan)

7th place Mission Possible (Shriya and Sam)

9th place Mousetrap Vehicle (Gavin and Adham)

Math Leauge

Chapin's Math Leauge team had their first competition last week and many students qualified for the Math Leauge State Championship! Good job to all who participated and congratulations to the following students who qualified for the State Championship:

Myra Tomer - 9th place in 4th-grade division

Esha Srinivasan - 15th place in the 4th-grade division

Claire Liang - 18th place in the 5th-grade division

Tarini Jalagam - 24th place in the 5th-grade division

Xinxin Yang - 8th place in the 6th-grade division

Narayan Venkatesh - 7th place in the 6th-grade division

Avery Collins - 10th place in the 6th-grade division

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