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Meet Mrs. Lahiri


As we gear up for the 2021-22 school year, let’s hear from our new Assistant Head of School, Mythili Lahiri. Mrs. Lahiri holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Columbia University. She joins us after many years of service at Rutgers Preparatory School, where she held several roles including Dean of International Students, Director of Global Education Programs, Associate Director of the Innovation Center, and classroom teacher. Over the summer, she has immersed herself in all things Chapin to gear up for the academic year ahead. 

Here is her conversation with Jeff Barnosky, Director of Strategic Initiatives.

What excited you about coming to Chapin?

I knew when I walked out the door after I spent a day at Chapin in March that this was a community of which I wanted to be a part. The energy within the halls is palpable. The students are clearly so happy to be here, and there is a feeling of joyous learning in all the classrooms. The culture of teamwork and support amongst the faculty is so apparent, and it is clear every member of the faculty highly values being part of the community. 

Assistant Head of School is a new role at Chapin. How is it different from previous roles? What impact do you think it will make? 

Historically, Chapin has had Lower School and Upper School Division Heads, each responsible for their respective divisions. This new role presents a great opportunity to impact the journey of a Chapin student from grade 1 to 8. We have a chance to really look at the curriculum and ensure that each year lays a solid foundation for what comes next. We will look to ensure seamless transitions as students move from grade to grade leading to cohesion and continuity across grades. We want to create an educational experience that places Chapin graduates in a strong position as they move on to secondary school.

What is your vision for Chapin’s future?

Chapin’s future is bright. We are ready to truly meet each student where they are and to push them to their full potential. Chapin stands in a unique position with small class sizes, energetic and innovative faculty, and robust facilities and resources to be able to provide a truly differentiated experience for students so that they are supported when needed and enriched whenever appropriate. I look forward to working with the faculty to focus on this effort so our Chapin graduates move on to high school poised for success and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Before we sign off, can you share something about your family or hobbies?

Sure. My husband and I are parents of 3 adult kids who are all in college. We are big tennis fans, and until the pandemic happened, we would attend the US Open every year. One of my favorite things to do! I started doing puzzles during the pandemic and found it to be very relaxing. I get into a zone and don’t want to stop until it’s done. Now that I’m an empty nester, I see a lot of puzzles in my future.


It was great to spend some time and chat with Mrs. Lahiri. She is excited to have joined our community and is ready to continue Chapin’s mission to provide a richly textured education that inspires academic achievement and builds strength of character. Together, Chapin School Princeton is ready to charge ahead!

Chapin's Quiz Bowl team had a stunning showing at Nationals, going 4-4 in competition against the top teams in the nation. The journey isn't over yet. We still have one final tournament from our year-long monthly tournament in which Chapin A is once again playing for the top spot in our region. We also have four players, Shrihith, Varun, Arjun, and William who have qualified to represent the school on the New Jersey Quiz Bowl All-Star Team. Charge Ahead, Chapin Chargers!


Students studying science with hands on projects

Chapin School Princeton students “STEAM” ahead with their study of science, combining classroom work with hands-on creating and making in the Design Lab. It's the type of scientific study you can only find at Chapin School Princeton, one of the best private schools in New Jersey. 

8th-grade students celebrated the end of their physics unit by creating carnival-style games. Students analyzed their games to see how the laws of physics applied to the game.

7th-grade designed and built structures using principles of earthquake-resistant building design. Students tested their designs on a shake table. 


What defines a community? What are the roles people have in a community? These are just some of the questions Chapin School Princeton second graders explored in their study of three types of communities: rural, suburban, and urban. Working in collaborative groups to plan what should be in a community, students planned, designed, and built their community models using recyclable materials. This hands-on-learning truly helps them understand how STEM is used across multiple aspects of daily life.  When the models were built, students wrote a script for a day in the life of their community and, in the ultimate step, program a DASH robot to navigate the model replica of their community. As students at the best private school in the Princeton area, Chapin students use hands-on learning, STEM, and collaborative work to better understand the larger global community. They are ready to charge ahead into an ever-changing future. 



Two Chapin School Princeton Students from Beijing compare cicadas--Brood X

Chapin School Princeton graduate Cici Yang ’21 was a guest columnist on (and associated print newspapers) this morning. She compares the experience of seeing (and hearing of course) Brood X cicadas in Princeton with the cicadas in her native Beijing. Not only is the topic of the article interesting, it’s extremely thoughtful and well-written. Clearly, Cici is prepared for great writing success! Charge Ahead, Cici!