Chapin 8th Grade Spotlight: Chapin School Spotlight: Maya Amer 


Chapin 8th Grade Spotlight: Chapin School Spotlight: Maya Amer 

What is your favorite memory from your time at Chapin?

My favorite memory, or memories at Chapin were the infamous snack and movie days in Mr. Foley Social studies. I’ve had Mr. Foley for 3 years straight. I’ve been taking daily quizzes since 6th grade! After finishing a unit, Mr. Foley would be kind enough to find a movie for us to relax before the next chapter. This will always be my favorite Chapin memory.   

What are you most grateful for at Chapin?

I’m most grateful for those select teachers who made my transfer into Chapin in second grade easier than I’d imagined. They made me feel welcomed and accepted, although 2nd graders can be scary! Those few teachers have stuck with me through my Chapin career and have always been a shoulder to lean on no matter what the problem was. Whether my problem was personal or school related, they’ve always given me the best advice they could offer. 

What advice do you have for other Chapin students as they continue?

Your Chapin experience goes by quicker than you imagine. It’s almost like someone actually made the days go faster when you and your friends wished it was 3:15! My advice is take it all in, I’d wish I’d known that. Participate in everything, whether it’s serious or just for a laugh, you’re guaranteed a long lasting memory. Each teacher has their own specialties so let me give you a guide to the ones I’ve had. 

Starting with English, I’ve had all 3 teacher. For Mrs. Devine always, and I mean always, rush to the nicest seat in her lounge area for group or individual reading. For Mr. Berger study for your vocabulary quizzes, trust me they’re not hard if you’ve even glanced at the list of what seems like foreign language words. For Mrs. Wilson always engage in acting out poems it’s a good laugh. For Mrs. McQuarrie never forget to cover your binders with duct tape, they will ruin the table! For Mrs. Kemp’s math, appreciate her visual learning experience. For Mr. Wade enjoy the side conversations about life and the reality of math that’s used in your everyday life. For Mrs. McCarthy, be grateful for the little treats she hands out before quizzes or tests, little things go a long way. For Mr. Baca, always complete projects and have them ready on the day, it’s your only homework ever! For Mr. Foley, daily quizzes are like the 10 minutes away from whatever is going on that day it’s a nice breather. That was a short guide to each academic teacher I’ve had.