Chapin School 8th Grade Spotlight: Shaan Choudri


Chapin School 8th Grade Spotlight: Shaan Choudri

What is your favorite memory from your time at Chapin?

I have been at Chapin for almost ten years and have made countless memories here. My favorite memory is Lego Club in third grade with my friends or performing the Pantheon of Playwrights where I had to dress up as Persephone.

What are you most grateful for at Chapin?

I am grateful for the fun and exciting field trips like Camp Mason that we go on. They are fun ways to learn and better connect with our friend

What advice do you have for other Chapin students as they continue?

Make the most of your time at Chapin by interacting with the amazing students and faculty. Cherish those memories because before you know it, you will be moving on to high school, and you will have to leave behind the community that made you feel at home.