Chapin School Princeton 8th Grade Spotlight
Chapin 8th grader in a tye-dye runathon shirt


Chapin 8th Grade Spotlight: Mina Kanburlar

What is your favorite memory from your time at Chapin?

My favorite memories have always been made in the art room. I have had so many fun times in the family group and recess ranting sessions.

What are you most grateful for at Chapin? I am most grateful for my teachers and how supportive and caring they are.

What advice do you have for other Chapin students as they continue? Maybe think about something that you wish you'd known ahead of time that you eventually learned.

Cherish every day that you have, it may seem very stressful and annoying to wake up and go to school every day but don’t take it for granted because you will miss Chapin as soon as you leave. Also, hard work always pays off. Although school seems very hard, as long as you put all of your effort into it, the work will always be rewarding and you will soon experience the amazing feeling of success.