Chapin School Princeton 8th Grader Uses His Music Talent to Help Those in Need


Chapin 8th grader plays music for those in need.

8th Grader Atishay Jain is a truly awe-inspiring young man. Here are his own words to describe the project he is working on:

"Given what is happening in these unprecedented times, I am realizing the importance of the sense of community. Even though I cannot partake in many aspects of the community in-person at this time period, the sense of community that Chapin has established and the Chapin Virtues have taught me to make the best of what I have and spread positivity throughout the community.

There are several senior citizens who are living in their homes and in assisted nursing homes without anyone to talk to.

I wanted to share with you a community project that I recently started, playing music for senior citizens and those with special needs. I will continue to make videos on my YouTube Channel, spread positivity, and bring a smile to several faces!"