Chapin School Princeton Excels at the Science Olympiad


Chapin's Science Olympiad team put in a great effort at Regionals. The team put a tremendous amount of work into the preparation. Everyone deserves a standing ovation. For each event, the top six finishers are recognized and Chapin had quite a few! Congratulations to all! Here are the final rankings:

Road Scholar                              2nd Place                   Rory Shore and Shrihith Talapaneni

Circuit Lab                                   3rd Place                   Suvas Aggarwal and Byran Huang

 Dynamic Planet                          4th Place                   Cici Yang and Angela Du

Crime Busters                              5th Place                   Atishay Jain and Aiden Ghesani

Ping Pong Parachute                   5th Place                   Aaron Wang and William Ou

Ornithology                                   6th Place                   Sebastian Drezek and Cici Yang