Chapin School Princeton Students Talk About the Virtue of Respect

The Chapin C: Character

The Five Virtues


This morning, at Chapin’s first All School Meeting of the year, Mrs. Pasteris spoke about the importance of one of Chapin’s Five Virtues, Respect. This virtue can mean many things and Chapin students gave examples, such as holding the door for others and helping people down the stairs. She also brought to the stage our school leaders, Chapin’s 8th Graders (Class of 2020). They are the leaders of Chapin and the respect they show themselves and the community is a model for the younger students. 

As part of the virtue of respect, Mrs. Coughlin spoke about the character committee. This year they are focusing on empathy, and how important it is for us to see, hear and feel the world the way others experience it. It’s a very important virtue on its

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own and connects very well with Chapin’s Five Virtues.