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Family Groups

One of the great benefits of a Pre-K through Grade 8 education is that the students’ journey always feels connected to the step right before and the step right after. Our 8th graders are mature, kind, and composed but they are still young enough to feel connected to our youngest students. Sure, our early education students see them as the “big kids”, but they aren’t that big and they are still kids.  A Pre-K through 12th grade or a 6th grade through 12th grade school simply can’t provide this.

One of Chapin’s programs is Family Groups, where every member of the school community belongs to a “family”. Every month, family groups meet to have fun through group projects, community service, and sometimes just spending time together. Our 8th graders—Chapin’s leaders—go to the Early Education building to pick up the Pre-K and Kindergarten students in their Family Group. Our youngest students immediately aspire to be just like these 8th graders when they complete their Chapin journey.

Family groups participate in activities such as picnic lunches, holiday activities, and community service projects.  Everyone enjoys a beautiful day when we simply gather outside to PLAY and enjoy each other's company.