Visual Arts


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”   (Thomas Merton)

Creativity through the arts is an essential component of the educational process.  Students are imaginative by nature and create works of art through drawing and painting, constructing and manipulating, molding and building.  The Chapin School visual arts program encourages, teaches, supports and enhances techniques and skills needed to foster life-long creativity and appreciation of the arts.

The art curriculum provides a full spectrum of well-rounded art activities that encourage students to think, analyze, respect and experience visual art in its many forms.  The art lessons inspire students to think aesthetically, discover and experience what it’s like to learn about an artist's life, complete artist inspired work, share ideas and respect one another’s efforts, experiment with a wide variety of mediums as well as the practice of using tools to enhance art skills.

We emphasize process by building on the skills learned the preceding year.  Printmaking, painting, drawing, pottery, collage, weaving and papier mâché are explored at each grade level.  Art vocabulary, techniques and skills are presented with each medium; and we work closely with grade-level and subject-matter teachers to extend and to enrich their curriculum.  Through these processes, students learn to think creatively, to employ critical thinking skills and to express ideas as they recognize and appreciate the aesthetic qualities inherent in art.