2021-2022 Events 

Chapin’s Back-to-School Barbecue  

Once again, the barbecue will be a virtual event. It will be held on Friday, September 10, 2021. You know our Parents’ Association – they’ll have something fun planned. Watch for more info! 

Young Alumni Reunion 

We love welcoming high school and first-year college students back to campus! Unfortunately, it is likely this will be a virtual event again this year. Mark the date of Sunday, November 21 on your calendar. 

Chapin AlumNight on the Town 

Always held the night before Thanksgiving in downtown Princeton, we assume the 2021 version will be online once again. We had fun last year, with lots of former faculty joining us. Let us know if you’d like to participate with us on Wednesday, November 24. 

Chapin’s Runathon 

The 46th Chapin Runathon is tentatively scheduled for the weekend beginning April 29, 2022. Will we be back on campus? We hope so, but we’ll know more as the year progresses.  


Recap of 2020-2021 Events 

It is an understatement to say the 2020-2021 school year was a difficult one for events. Nevertheless, we made the best of it by being creative! Here’s how we did it. 

Chapin’s Back-to-School Barbecue 

It’s a tradition dating back to 1995, but this was the first Back-to-School barbecue held virtually. 

The Chapin Parents’ Association put together an awesome plan for the day, with many folks donning their Chapin gear and having their own picnic on Saturday, September 12, 2020. Next year, back on campus? 

Young Alumni Reunion

 It is always a pleasure to welcome high school and first-year college students back to campus! Traditionally held the week of Thanksgiving, it could not be held in-person this year, so we did the next best thing, a virtual reunion for the Class of 2020. It was fun! We hope to be back on campus next November.  

Chapin Alum Night on the Town 

Always held the night before Thanksgiving, the 2020 event invited alumni from the classes of 2013 and earlier, along with current and former faculty, to meet online. We had a terrific time, with alumni from every decade from the 1970s on. A number of current and former faculty joined in, including Rob Traegler and Ed Rhee, who joined from California. While it is always great to do in-person events, this option allowed more folks to be involved. 

Chapin’s Runathon 

The 2021 Runathon – the 45th Runathon! - was held on the weekend of May 15. Starting Friday afternoon, when students and staff participated in a walk around campus, the event continued until Sunday. It was the second virtual Runathon and, like the 2020 Runathon, it was awesome! Current students and their families took part, walking, running, biking and exercising. Alumni and parents of alumni from all over the country (and internationally!) joined in, sharing pictures and videos of their efforts.