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Welcome to Chapin!

At Chapin, all of our efforts and resources are dedicated to early childhood, elementary and middle school learning experiences that are the foundation of future success.

The Three Chapin C's: Character, Curriculum, and Community

Winona Guo '13 Talks About What Chapin Means To Her

Winona Guo is one of the co-founders of Princeton Choose (, an organization started by her and her friend which has gained national prominence.

What's Happening at Chapin

Walk The Math Line

In Mrs. McCarthy’s fifth-grade math class, students are beginning the study of integers. Prior to learning the rules for addition and subtraction of positive and negative numbers, students used a kinesthetic approach and walked a number line to understand concepts. After learning how to model addition and subtraction students will then practice their skills on paper before subsequently being challenged with another hands on activity that uses integer chips.

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The Three Chapin Cs: Curriculum

One of Chapin’s Three C’s is Curriculum, and so much of our curriculum is on display in the classrooms, labs, art rooms, music rooms and all of the various learning spaces at Chapin. You may find students naming their avatar on the iPad, discussing the digestive system in the science lab, understanding geometric shapes in first grade, and so much more. Our curriculum is learning brought to life—discussed, debated, lived, practiced, and any way that a child learns and prepares for future learning.

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The Best Private School in Princeton has a great community

Community is one of Chapin's three C's, and one of the best ways our community comes together is through family groups. Family groups consist of students from Pre-K Explorers through Grade Eight working together, and all of the faculty, coming together in small groups to help others, have fun, and get to know each other. This is our first family group meeting of the year and pretty soon will see Lower School students "high-fiving" their Upper School family group members as the walk through the hallway!

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The Best Private School in Princeton for Character, Curriculum, and Community

At this month's All-School Meeting, Mrs. Pasteris brought the entire 8th grade to the stage, and also invited the kindergarten and 1st grade to sit with them. Mrs. Pasteris explained the significance of the 8th graders putting their thumbprints on the Chapin C, and how that helps to show "who we are" and "what we do" at Chapin.

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