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At Chapin, all of our efforts and resources are dedicated to early childhood, elementary and middle school learning experiences that are the foundation of future success.

What Chapin Means to...

Phoebe Lett, Chapin School Princeton ‘05, came back to see Chapin and talk about how influential her Chapin experience was in her becoming a successful writer and working at New York Times Opinion section (@nytopinion). 

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November 3rd at 1:00 p.m.

Chapin School Fall Open House

The Open House on November 3, 2019, will begin at 1:00 p.m. with a welcome from our Head of School, Barbara Pasteris. Guests will meet the admission team, school leaders, teachers, and students. Come learn what makes Chapin School such a special place. Come see Who We Are!

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The Chapin C:

It's Who We Are!

Character   Curriculum    Community


We all dream that our children will be successful in their careers, whatever that means for their individual passions. In our hearts, we know that means so little unless they are successful as citizens, as partners, as parents, as siblings, as friends. The dream we all share is that the world is full of good people. At Chapin School Princeton, we help that dream come true, one child at a time.

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Chapin School Princeton seeks to instill respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness, and perseverance in its students as it fully prepares them--academically and personally-- for secondary school.

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Chapin School Princeton's community is best described as a neighborhood where everyone looks after each other. It is here where bonds of friendship between children, adults, and families extend across cultures and social boundaries in creating a warm and caring environment rarely found in today's society.

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What's Happening at Chapin

The Best Private School in Princeton discusses respect with students,

The Chapin C: Character

The Five Virtues


This morning, at Chapin’s first All School Meeting of the year, Mrs. Pasteris spoke about the importance of one of Chapin’s Five Virtues, Respect. This virtue can mean many things and Chapin students gave examples, such as holding the door for others and helping people down the stairs. She also brought to the stage our school leaders, Chapin’s 8th Graders (Class of 2020). They are the leaders of Chapin and the respect they show themselves and the community is a model for the younger students. 


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